Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Staying Protected: Mineral Based Sunscreens, Simplified

There’s few things more therapeutic than nestling your bare feet into the grass or sand during a summer day. Baby thinks so, too, but their extremely sensitive, delicate skin requires special care. Not only is sunscreen an absolute necessity, but the right sun care protection is key. This means selecting UVA-UVB broad spectrum SPF that is chemical-free, and applying it properly. I’ve found the easiest way to achieve this is by pairing up our natural non-chemical California Baby® SPF 30+ Sunscreen with an easy-application make-up sponge.

Step 1: Dot on the sunscreen.

By applying the sunscreen in small, pea-sized dots more of the lotion will effectively spread onto the skin creating a nice even layer, which is key to non-chemical sunscreens that are physical barriers—scattering and reflecting dangerous and damaging UV rays.

Step 2: Connect the dots.

While holding the make-up sponge horizontally, create short, sweeping strokes. Not only will this make sure the coverage extends into every chubby little wrinkle, but will create a soothing feeling for the tot
Step 3: Re-apply.

Re-apply in the time intervals suggested on the product: California Baby SPF30+ is ‘very water resistant,’ which translates to 80 minutes of SPF protection even while in the water, sweating or perspiring.  (we suggest about every two hours, with exceptions made in respect to water-exposure). Be sure to keep baby (and yourself) shaded as much as possible, and remember --- anywhere with reflective surfaces can, and will, reflect sunlight!

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