Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Layer Up to Keep Warm This Winter

Keeping kids warm during the winter is one way to help avoid the sniffles and sneezies. But there’s always the fear of over-dressing kids, too, especially little ones who can’t quite tell you when they’re too warm.
I still remember the look on my pediatrician’s face when he came in to check on me and my newborn son, Miles, before checking out of the hospital. I knew something was amiss by the concerned look in his eyes and the extra gentle tone of his voice as he casually asked if maybe the baby might be a bit warm… I was itching to dress him up in all the Hanna Anderson outfits I stocked up on, so yes, maybe I got a bit carried away. I took the top two layers off while indoors and slipped on the outer layer before we headed into the California sun! (I know, I know, our “weather” doesn’t count). That was my first real understanding how important layering is when you’ll be going from cold outdoor temps to the warm indoors then back out again.

Here are some tips along with the whys and hows of layering for newbies and pros alike:
  • The first layer of clothing should be made of nonabsorbent materials like silk. Cotton won’t work as well because it absorbs moisture, trapping it close to the skin and lowering body temperature.
  • The purpose of the second layer is to trap air between the first and the outer layer, as well as to allow moisture to move away from the body. Look for clothing made from warm, breathable materials like wool or fleece.
  • The third layer, or the outwear layer, should protect kids from the elements, such as wind, snow and rain. Breathable, waterproof materials that block wind are best, like water-resistant nylon.
Recently I’ve been working on creating new ‘looks’ with each layer to glam-up the repetitive layers on, layers off when moving in and out; it’s getting kind of fun, and as a California Girl, I am starting to get into the whole winter thing!

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