Monday, September 13, 2010

The Garden + Kids = Important

California Baby's Partner in Charity


I believe change comes from the everyday little things that you and I do that make a difference.

That means instead of being annoyed and muttering to myself when I see a kid littering, I take the time to stop for that moment and say, "hey, please don't litter, it's not cool." I know it may be old-fashioned and corny, but I also know it can make difference. Sometimes people just don't know, or need to be reminded... My thought is if we all just took one passing moment from our busy lives to make a difference in one kid's life, sharing what we know with them, it can be big for them. The payback may not be immediate or tangible, but it's out there and your good deed will land on the flower that needs pollinating.

The trick?

Slow things down. Catch a flash in time, stop it, and share the wealth of knowledge that is locked up in our heads, hearts and souls. Kids learn by example and the best lessons are 'caught, not taught.' Easier said than done, I know. That's why organizations like the Garden School Foundation are important, they make it easy for us to step in and help out without causing too much disturbance in our super busy lives.

For me, when I need to slow things down, I head to the garden; my imagination fires up and suddenly I'm floating, dreaming, creating, breathing… I can't explain it, but it works.

Let's get kids into the garden!

They don't have to dig, plant or weed if uninterested. Instead, they can simply watch the ants haul their booty (to who knows where); marvel at the humming birds whirling from flower-to-flower with single minded alacrity; or dig down and scoop up a handful of soil in search of earthworms. The magic will take care of itself.

The Garden School Foundation is a prototype that anyone is free to copy. In fact, it is the goal. So if you want your school to install a garden, The GSF is doing the heavy lifting by figuring out what works and creating a blueprint for others to follow.

Every school needs a garden!

It should be an extension of the playground. What if when a child misbehaves in class, they were sent to the garden instead of the principal's office? After all, it's about redirecting energy, not bottling it and waiting for it to explode.

I'm excited to work with The Garden School Foundation, a dynamic group of change-makers, whose sensibilities are right in line with California Baby's goals and our philosophy of"what's good for the environment is good for families."California Baby and the Garden School Foundation will put our heads together, get our hands dirty and have a good time doing our part to change the world, one step at a time…

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