Thursday, August 26, 2010


About the mOMtras
In the mOMtras blog, I lead the conversation of what it means to raise a family in the safest, healthiest, most natural way. Throughout, I share my professional expertise and include personal anecdotes from my own organic living strategies.
Now, what exactly is a mOMtra? A mOMtra aims to cultivate a mindset that seeks out and adopts natural practices and practical solutions to everyday living. Neither threatening nor preachy, my discussions are as researched, safe, mom-approved, and quality-assured as the California Baby® brand that hundreds of thousands of moms around the world have grown to trust.

Jessica, Founder of California Baby®

About California Baby®
California Baby® is a best-selling, high-quality, natural skincare line made with natural and organic ingredients that are gentle and safe enough for babies and kids (as well as the most sensitive of adults).
Founded almost 20 years ago by Jessica Iclisoy, a mom who couldn’t find a safe shampoo to use on her newborn baby and set out to create her own, California Baby has grown to a 50-piece collection of pediatrician-recommended, natural personal care products. Every California Baby offering is non-irritating, no-tears, biodegradable and safe. There are no sulfates, DEA, gluten, soy, dyes, synthetic fragrances, allergens or numbing agents to be found. Unlike most cosmetics and skincare products, the entire range of California Baby products are made in our FDA approved manufacturing, USDA organic certified facility and manufactured following Over-The-Counter (OTC) protocol; and not just on our sunscreens and diaper rash products (which are classified as drugs)!
Green manufacturing and process engineering, and an environmentally-responsible facility are key factors in our company’s authenticity and success. Our Culver City, California, based brand contracts with organic farmers for the botanicals that we extract on site. All products are custom formulated according to our strict allergen and quality specifications, making each formulation unique. Our packaging is also earth friendly; all of our bottles are made with 100% recycled HDPE plastic and can be recycled or repurposed. Our bottles make wonderful bath toys, rolling pins and can even be used to make crafts.

The California Baby® manufacturing facility operates using earth-first, zero waste, solar power and recyclable systems. Our eco-friendly, on-site showroom of sustainable materials such as cork flooring and zero or low VOC paint serves as a learning laboratory. Our doors are open to the public in an effort to educate parents, children, teachers and others how to easily embrace the earth-first, all-natural lifestyle.

Families across the country and around the world – including notable moms Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Katie Holmes and Courteney Cox – are devoted fans. This hugely popular brand, synonymous with safety, nature and fun, is sold nationally at natural health food stores such as Whole Foods Market, and mass marketers such as Target and Babies R Us, as well as on our website,